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Victoria Glover, Parent

I could not recommend Marden Preschool highly enough! Paula and her team are friendly and approachable and go above and beyond. They plan a variety of activities inside and outside around the children’s interests and needs. Our children are always happy to attend Marden Preschool and share the fun that they’ve had.

Kate & Will Allman, Parents

My eldest has been in Marden Pre-school for a year and a half now and absolutely loves it. Despite no longer living in Marden, we decided to continue using the preschool and not moving him as he is so happy and settled there.

Catherine Atherton, Parent 

My son has attended Marden Pre-school for 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed his time. He always had a memorable and fun day, often speaking fondly about the friendly members of staff. if feel like he is well set for his transition to the reception class in autumn

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